How to Build a Successful Brand on Instagram

            There are so many people out there that are all hunting for the same kind of customers that you are on Instagram.  If you want to make sure that you are the one winning their sales, you have to really focus on building a successful brand.  This is what customers will look at when they are trying to decide whether to trust you, after all.

Take a moment to understand what you want to achieve

            This is probably the most important step to the entire process of building your brand’s success!  You’re going to figure out what it is you want to accomplish.  As in: what does success mean for you as a brand?  Are you trying to increase your social media presence?  Do you want to connect with current customers?  Your end goal will determine how you get there, so take the time to carefully sort out this end goal!

Choose your central focus

            With your idea ready to go, you then have to figure out what kind of theme and focus you’re going to settle on within Instagram.  For example, you can’t just share funny photos of cats and say “I found my theme!”  No, your theme should be connected to your brand so that the content you’re posting is always relevant and attracts organic interest.

            For example: if your main theme is shoes, post anything and everything related to shoes — photos, product reviews, quotes, and more.  This makes logical sense to those checking you out.

Design a schedule and pattern

            The next thing to do is to figure out how you want to around building your Instagram presence.  A lot of this is going to be about looks, as strange as it sounds.  If you have an Instagram page that is all dark colours and dramatic images, it’ll attract people who resonate with that.  Same thing if you take a lighthearted approach.  You can also blend it together with variegated colors, quotes and images.  Just pick something that you can keep up over time.

            When you post content on Instagram, be consistent in your level of activity (as in, post once a day or week and keep it that way) and also make sure that the content you’re posting is honestly aligned with your brand.  Smart and savvy shoppers can instantly see when a brand is posting content that they don’t actually believe in and support.   Make sure you only publish and post content you can support!

Don’t forget to connect!

            This refers to connecting with your customer but also your website.  Even if you aren’t directly trying to take traffic and get them to your website, make sure to have a link in your profile to your website so that curious shoppers can find their way to you!  It’s a great way to get traffic without being pushy about it!         You can be a success on Instagram if you give yourself the proper tools to get you there!  These ones will guide you all the way and it’ll actually, you know, be fun, too!


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